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Company Profiles

Zhejiang Honghui Capsule Co., Ltd is a professional and comprehensive Chinese manufacturer founded in 1995, with covering a total area of over 20000 square meters. The corporation specialises in producing gelatin capsules and vegetable capsules and its main products include size 00# - 4# gelatin hollow capsules, enteric coated hollow capsules, Hypromellose capsules and pullulan capsules. By now the annual capacity of production reaches 28 billion grains.

The company has received numerous research results and many certificates such as ISO9001:2015, ISO22000:2005 and Halal certification. Moreover, Zhejiang Honghui Capsule Co., Ltd is rated as top grade AA enterprise every year by Shaoxing food and drug administration in hollow capsule production (Enterprises are classified into AA, A, B and C), AA is the highest classification). In 2007 the hollow capsule of Hong Yan brand awarded “Zhejiang Famous Brand product” and since 2009 Hong Yan was named as “Zhejiang Famous Trademark”. Zhejiang Honghui Capsule Co., Ltd is the first company that owns these two honours in capsules industry in Zhejiang Province. In 2015, the corporation obtained the honour National High Technological Enterprises.

The Company conforms with GMP standard and reaches high purification level of 100000 cleanness. Besides, we strictly control quality operation in raw material purchasing, production and quality inspection. Much high technological testing equipment is imported from Germany.

The company owns excellent service system and skilled technical team and is dedicated to being customised service specialist in the field of capsule application. The firm brings professional health management concept and advanced solutions for filling, packaging equipment, process characteristics to ensure customers normal operation and production.

We always adhere to the quality principle of “scientific management, careful production, continuous innovation and excellent service”, and persist in “Quality is root, based on honesty” as enterprise purpose. We shoulder the responsibility for the health of people and positively push the high-tech products to be applied in production. We look forward to your kind cooperation and strong support.


The perception of employees is vital to build our enterprise culture. An equal, free and communicating work environment we try best to create. There are below five aspects displaying the enterprise culture.

1.Aggressiveness and Autonomy Learning

       As for a capsule produced company, we employ professional institutions to train new workers and improve skills of original employee skills professionally. The advantages of group work are learned by employees through the training, which greatly raised work efficiency.

2.Equality and Innovation

       Every employee has opportunity to design new ideas and create new products. Failure is permitted, which comes experience and knowledge to help the next venture succeed. Meanwhile, employees do not be limited by classic hierarchy and they can play expertise at their position because our company provide enough space and platform to show their strengths.

3.Social Activities

       There is two main purpose joining social activities. Eliminating hierarchy is the internal purpose. Anyone can take part in these activities, such as BBQ, camping trip, some sports games, etc. Employees and employers are able to be more friendly and even to be friends each other. These activities create communicating platform to benefit the relationship and elimination of hierarchy. The second one is the external purpose. The salesmen and skills staffs are asked to join these activities. They have to go some lectures to improve their knowledge and skills. Annually, our company joins different exhibitions to increase the sales, cooperate with more consumers and enhance corporation recognition.

4.Health Trumps Everything

       Because health trumps everything and health comes first, our firm build a large canteen to provide fresh and delicious food instead of take-away fast food with plastic boxes. Meanwhile, there is an employee dormitory providing some employees who cannot afford the housing price of city, and employees who live here do not need to crowd the busy bus every day.