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Storage and Using of Capsules


-避免阳光直射, 远离热源和水源

-胶囊应存放在温度10°C-25°C, 相对湿度35% - 65%的室内

-胶囊箱与墙和地面保持一定距离, 以便利于空气流通保持干燥

-如果仓库与胶囊充填的机房温湿度相差较大, 则应将胶囊放在与填充条件相近的地方约半天后开箱使用



-Tighten up the plastic bags with capsules inside

-Avoid direct sunshine, keep away from heat generation and water sources

-Capsules should be stored in the room with the temperature between 10°C and 25°C, and the relative humidity of 35%~65%

-Capsule cartons should be kept away from walls and a certain distance from the floor to avoid moisture

-Capsule cartons should be stored in the place where there is the similar condition with filling room at least half-day before they can be open for filling, in case there are large differences of temperature and humidity between warehouse and filling room

-Scoop out and put down capsules gently to prevent defects of mashes, loose pieces and snap-fit closed etc. to be caused by the improper handling of the capsules

-Do not use capsules which are touched by hands